Gears of War 4 Competitive Seasons Begin, New Rewards Available

by Matthew Hayes

gears season reward
(Photo: The Coalition)

Gears of War 4 multiplayer is about to get much more competitive, and much more balanced. Today kicks off the beginning of versus seasons. Season 0 shifted today to Season 1 for Ranked play, and with this inaugural season comes new challenges, new rewards, and new improvements to the overall experience.

"Seasons are a roughly three-month period of Ranked Play where you will be challenged to go out, secure your first Rank through placement matches, and then rise through the Tiers by consistently winning matches. As of right now, resets have occurred on all tiers. You will need to replay your Placement Matches for your new Tier.

Running Seasons allows us to offer better Skill Based Matchmaking by refreshing Ranked Matchmaking every three months, and provide a great way to showcase your skills against an increasingly experienced player base."

But that's not what we're most excited about, right? What we want to hear about are the incentives for competing. What kind of rewards and sick loot can we look forward to after kicking some ass in ranked play? The Coalition has teased three new full weapon skin collection corresponding to the top 3 ranks: Gold, Onyx, and Diamond.

"Each type of Weapon Skin is linked to a specific playlist every Season and the reward you receive will be themed to your placement on a per playlist basis. When the Season finishes, the available Weapon Skin types will rotate throughout the playlists. Players who master multiple playlists will be the first to finish building their weapon skin sets!

"Rewards are based on your highest Rank during the Season, rather than your final placement. If you get to Diamond and then have a run of losses that brings you down to Onyx, don’t worry - you’ve secured your Diamond Reward for that playlist. We are also planning to award players the Weapon Skins from Ranks below your placement too!"

For more information on the changes coming with Season 1, including some significant matchmaking changes and improvements, you can read the full community post right here.

By Matthew Hayes

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