Overwatch Will Get Tiebreak Tweaks Soon

by Robert Workman


Blizzard tried to improve the way that tie-breaking a match in Overwatch is done – but it appears that it’s a system that’s still a work in progress.

The company tried to introduce a new system to the popular shooter that would help resolve reaching a draw across both teams on certain maps, including Assault and Assault/Escort. That said, it hasn’t quite been well-received with everyone, mainly due to confusion and the lack of feeling like a match was really won – and it’s looking to change that.

Talking on the official forums, principal designer Scott Mercer explained, “If Team A is on Hanamura defense and prevents Team B from ever gaining any capture progress, then when Team A is on offense they only need to reach 1% capture progress to win the game. This means Team B needs to always have someone contesting on the capture point, or they risk losing.

“Even with both teams aware of the new victory conditions and adapting appropriately, the instantaneous nature of the victory often resulted in confusion about what happened. Did the defenders not have someone on the point due to a mistake, or did the attacking Lucio pull off an amazing boop? This lack of clarity is not ideal, so we’re going to make a change in a future patch.”

So the team has decided to address this with an update, which will make it so the team you’re up against needs to capture at least 33 percent of the point to break a tie and win the match. There are some notes in regards to what to expect from the update, which you’ll find below:

  • Team A attacks the first objective on Hanamura, but only gains 10% progress after a really rough offensive round. Team B then attacks, but they can only gain 20%. This is a TIE. Neither team achieved the minimum of 33%.
  • Team A attacks the first objective on Hanamura, and gains 90% progress. (So close!) Team B attacks, and only gains 40%. progress. Team A WINS, as they had a minimum of 33% and more progress than their opponent.
  • Team A attacks the second objective on Hanamura, and fully captures it with 3:00 left. Team B attacks the second objective on Hanamura, and captures it in overtime with 0:00 left. Team A now is back on the attack, trying to take the first objective. They can only reach 20% progress after their time bank of 3:00 elapses. This is a TIE. They did not meet the minimum target of 33% progress. If Team A had reached 33%, then they would have won the match.

While draws are still likely to happen with this system, they’ll be less so than they are now – and that should please a lot of fans.

There’s no word on when this update will arrive, but it’s on the way, so it shouldn’t be too long.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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