Yes, The Legend Of Zelda’s Ganondorf Has A Last Name

by Robert Workman


For years, fans of the Legend of Zelda series have been dreading the arrival of Ganondorf, the “big bad” who always seems to be a thorn in the side of Link. But a few folks have been wondering – is that his full name? Is he taking the same route as Prince and Cher when it comes to being called a singular name?

Well, it turns out that’s not the case, as some evidence has surfaced indicating that Ganondorf does, in fact, have a last name. The official Legend of Zelda website has finally confirmed what his last name is – Dragmire.

According to the entry in the website’s glossary, Ganondorf’s description reads as: “Once known as the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire used the power of the Triforce to become the beast, Ganon.” So, yeah, he shortened the name for what seems to be professional purposes – or thinking that maybe the Dragmire was a bit overkill when Ganondorf was more than sufficient when it came to striking fear into the hearts of his adversaries.

A while back, the English manual for the SNES game The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past teased that Dragmire might be Ganondorf’s last name, though it didn’t quite provide the official confirmation that fans were looking for. Alas, it’s pretty much official now.

It’s just kind of weird that the last name hasn’t been mentioned in games over the last few years. Ganondorf has had a great deal of presence in the previously released Legend of Zelda releases, but never had the matter really addressed. Again, not that we really needed it, but now we know, and we can probably rest a little easier with that knowledge in mind – you know, when Ganondorf’s actually not out there kicking our ass in Legend of Zelda’s many offerings.

You should check out the official Legend of Zelda page and scan through the numerous pieces of history that it has to offer, breaking down a number of factoids you may not have known. It’s well worth a look, especially if you’re a fond appreciator of stuff like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The more you know…

By Robert Workman

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