Funny Or Die Video Combines Fighting Games With United Airlines

by Robert Workman

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So, by now, you’ve probably heard about that awful incident a little while back, where a doctor was forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight due to their terrible policy on reseating customers in favor of stand-by personnel. Yeah, we’re not too fond of that either. But the team at Midnight Oil Productions decided to poke a little fun at the airline’s expense, with a parody of a fighting game that recently posted on Funny Or Die.

In the clip, titled United Fighter, United CEO Oscar Munoz, who offered a public apology before a private letter appeared online supporting the employees instead (making the apology a bit contradictory), takes on Dr. Dao, the passenger in person. Only this isn’t a one-on-one fight, but rather Dr. Dao going back over and over and explaining that he needs to get to his hometown for appointments – only to face violence from Munoz.

And it’s all themed a bit like Mortal Kombat, complete with the life bars for each character, as well as the bloodshed that pours out of Dr. Dao with each hit that Munoz delivers. This pokes fun at the fact that Dr. Dao fell over while he was being dragged off the plane, resulting in a slight blood loss from his head.

The “fight”, as it were, lasts only about a few seconds, before Munoz manages to drag Dao off the plane – just like in the video that’s making the rounds – while passengers look on in shock and protest his treatment on the plane. The screen then fades to black, with an appearance of an older man (perhaps Munoz?) saying, “You have been re-accommodated.” And that’s pretty much where the clip ends.

It’s not exactly the best fighting parody we’ve seen, but considering everything that happened on the flight, it’s pretty close to matching the mood in terms of United’s treatment of the situation, not to mention the abuse that poor Dr. Dao took when being dragged off the plane.

Of course, Midnight Oil kind of missed a key opportunity to add something extra – a scorpion dropping down onto the failing opponent. Maybe it would’ve been too much…?

Check out the video below!

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By Robert Workman

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