Office Space Gets A New Mobile Game

by Robert Workman

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 18 years since director Mike Judge brought us Office Space, a comedy about a worker who becomes carefree after being hypnotized, turning his entire office world upside down as a result. Of course, we all remember certain scenes (like the “my stapler” guy), but not we get to relive this in the form of a new mobile game.

The game, titled Office Space: Idle Profits, features a number of characters from the film, including Michael Bolton (no, not the singer), Bill Lumbergh, Samir, Peter and Milton (you know, the guy with the stapler?). In it, you’re a “lowly Initec corporate drone” that is on the verge of losing his employment, with a college graduate set to step up. You’ll be working alongside these fellow employees to turn the tables on the company, attempting to install a virus through the company’s mainframe in the hopes of stealing a few extra bucks.

Office Space will let you progress by opening up new departments that you can access with your office worker, as well as additional characters that will join your cause. And, as you can see from the screenshot below, yes, you can beat up office equipment.

Office 2

"Everyone, at least once, has felt underappreciated at their job," said Cooper Bachman, the general manager of the game’s developer, Ultrabit. "When we started working on Office Space, everyone on the development team knew we were onto something special. Even 18 years later, the film's themes are still relatable to all ages. And when we paired the film's story and hilarious cast of characters with idle mechanics, it fit incredibly well."

The game is available for download on both iOS and Android, and even though the timing of its release is way after that of the film, it certainly has its fair share of fans – especially those looking to let out the frustration of dealing with their real-life job. So, yeah, when it comes to destroying office equipment and having fun with familiar characters, we’re going to need you to get on that…

Oh, and make sure you keep tabs on your stapler, yeah?

By Robert Workman

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