Night Trap Getting 25th Anniversary Release On PlayStation 4

by Robert Workman


If you ever owned a Sega CD, then chances are you came across a game called Night Trap. This piece of full-motion video goodness involved you, the player, trying to keep scantily clad girls safe from high-tech vampires, using a variety of traps to keep them out of harm’s way. Sure, it’s silly, cornball, and has rather interesting casting for its time with Diff’rent Strokes’ Dana Plato, but there’s no denying its cornball appeal. And good news – it’s coming back.

Limited Run Games has announced that it is bringing back Night Trap in a special remastered version, releasing this spring for PlayStation 4. Every bit of the classic, corny gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the game is included, such as switching between cameras to keep an eye for incoming vampires (well, okay, high-tech vampires) and setting off traps to knock them out of the way at the right time.

The trailer for the remastered game is below, and while it won’t exactly set your world on fire like Limited Run’s other releases (like the just-released Flinthook and Runner 2), it’s sure to be just the thing that retro fans need in this time of day. Plus, hey, if the game’s successful, the company can start exploring other Digital Pictures games for re-release, like Sewer Shark and, dare we dream, Supreme Warrior.

The game’s remaster is being handled with some help from Screaming Villains, who have decided to get in on the Night Trap fun by re-releasing the “classic” theme song (well, for 90’s purposes, anyway) on its official website. The song is free to download, and, yes, it’s about as crazy as you remember it being.

Night Trap’s release signifies Limited Run’s devotion to the old-school format, and, again, we’d love to see some more re-releases come around, even if they won’t exactly look like the greatest games on the PS4. Hey, we’re in for the nostalgia – where else where you see vampires suck the blood out of innocents using weird clamp-on devices? Only here, that’s where.

The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s expected very soon, since it’s listed with a “spring 2017” arrival.

By Robert Workman

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