Overwatch’s Heroes Of The Storm Skins Will Be Available To All Soon

by Robert Workman


The other day, we talked about fan favorite D.Va from Overwatch being added to Heroes of the Storm, along with special skins that could be unlocked for the multiplayer shooter, including an awesome officer outfit for everyone’s favorite “nerf this” chick. But what about those that aren’t taking part in Heroes action? Will they be able to get the skins?

The answer, thankfully, is yes. Game director Jeff Kaplan, usually known for his consistent comments on Overwatch’s continuous progress on the game, noted that the character skins for D.Va and Genji will eventually be available in the Overwatch loot boxes, though a date hasn’t been given yet for availability. But at least they’re coming!

“We completely understand that there are some players who do not own or have access to a PC to play Heroes of the Storm,” he noted. “Because of this, we plan to add both the Oni Genji skin and the Officer D.Va skin to the normal, base Overwatch loot box at some point in the future.

“With that said, I still encourage anyone with access to a PC to play the Nexus Challenge. Heroes of the Storm is an amazing game and you’ll unlock those skins for free and before anyone else.”

Those that are playing Heroes and Overwatch alike can link up Xbox and PSN accounts to their PC one (through Battle.net) to get the skins sooner, but it seems like Kaplan and company understand that not everyone games on the PC front – instead preferring to get their shenanigans on through their favorite game console. No sense shutting them out, it seems.

The video below breaks down how you can unlock the outfits through the Nexus Challenge, in case you feel like taking them on early and dressing D.Va as a wily police officer. So be sure to check it out! We’ll let you know once the outfits are available for general pick-up in Overwatch – and we’re sure you have plenty of awesome skins to play around with in the meantime, right?

Heroes of the Storm is available now for PC, and Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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