Limited Edition Dragon Quest New 2DS XL System Coming To Japan

by Robert Workman

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Still think Japan doesn’t get all the cool stuff on the market? Well, here’s another great thing that you might want to consider importing come July – the Dragon Quest limited edition Nintendo 2DS XL system.

You heard earlier this evening that Nintendo was introducing its new handheld to the market in the U.S. on July 29th, available in both blue and white/orange colors. Meanwhile, though, this Liquid Metal Slime Edition is Japan only (at least, for the moment) and features a black design with some metallic slime paint on the front, along with a smiling slime for good measure. On the inside of the system, there’s also a mini slime that’s showing in the lower left hand corner, adding to the décor of the handheld.

It’s pretty cool, and it also comes with a pretty neat little bonus or two. First off, there’s actually a physical copy of a game included this time around, instead of the usual digital download title that we’re used to getting with Nintendo systems. That game is Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, and it comes packaged with the system. In addition, players also get access to the early purchase bonuses “Vest of Happiness” and “Upstart Vest” to put their characters in, should they choose to do so. The system will also come with a Liquid Metal Slime 3DS theme download code, in case you want to keep the slime love oozing on your system. (Okay, maybe we said that wrong…)

So if you thought the default colors of the previously announced 2DS XL were something else, well, this system easily tops it, and will easily add to the Dragon Quest XI hype when it arrives on the market on July 29th. A price hasn’t been given yet, but it’s likely to be around the $199 range, considering its limited edition status and all. (That’s what previous 3DS XL models, like Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, sold for.)

The system hasn’t been announced for the U.S. market, but with Dragon Quest XI sure to arrive sometime around the course of this year, it may just be a matter of time. Don’t forget, though…there’s always importing if you can’t wait.

If you missed the 2DS XL launch trailer yesterday, don't worry, we've got it right here.

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By Robert Workman

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