Resident Evil: Vendetta Earns Its R-Rating In A Bloody New Clip

by Nathan Birch

Despite being R-rated, the live-action Milla Jovovich Resident Evil movies are relatively bloodless affairs, which is a bit disappointing. If you’re stuck with an R-rating just because your movie happens to feature zombies, you may as well take advantage of it and really let the guts and gore fly!

Well, it looks like Resident Evil: Vendetta, the franchise’s latest CGI film, will be doing just that. In a new clip, which you can check out above, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield find themselves face-to-face with a hallway full of zombies, and they basically go full John Wick on them. That means lots of point-blank zombie headshots and splattering red stuff. By the end of the clip, that hallway is quite a mess. The recently-released Resident Evil 7 took the series’ violence to a new level, and it seems like Vendetta won’t be messing around, either!

But hey, the gore isn’t the only reason to watch Resident Evil: Vendetta. The movie will be a back-to-basics adventure, with fan-favorite characters like Leon, Chris and Rebecca exploring creepy old houses, and teaming up to stop Glenn Arias, a “death merchant” who has plans to release a deadly virus on New York City. According to Capcom, Resident Evil: Vendetta is a canon story, which bridges the gap between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7, so that's something. The movie also has some decent talent behind it, as it's produced by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) and written by Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass).

Resident Evil: Vendetta will be hitting theaters across North America for one night on June 19. You can tickets for the event, right here. The movie should arrive on Blu-ray and streaming services shortly thereafter.