Was Overwatch’s Cutest Voiceover A Mistake?

by Robert Workman


Everyone seems to have a favorite character in Overwatch, mainly because of their quality voicework. Whether it’s Reaper’s growl (“DIE DIE DIE!”) or D.Va letting loose with a bunch of taunts, there’s something for everyone.

But can we just talk about how adorable Mei’s voice is? When she’s not blasting enemies to bits, she’s actually apologizing for her actions – and when’s the last time a character did that? Well, it turns out that actually wasn’t Blizzard’s initial plan with that particular fighter – it just sort of fit.

Speaking with Polygon, Michael Chu, who serves as the senior game designer for Overwatch, was asked about the voice, in which case he noted that it was actually a blooper recorded during the voiceover sessions.

The voice actress for Mei, Zhang Yu, was in the midst of recording lines for the character and accidentally messed up, then apologized for it in quick succession. He found it so charming that he decided to keep it with the character.

“The actress (Zhang Yu) just made a mistake and was saying, “Sorry, sorry, sorry.’ And I turned to the engineer and asked, ‘Did you get that?’ And he was like, ‘Yep,’ and I was like, ‘Send that to me,’” And with that, it’s become quite a staple with the character.

In case you missed the dialogue – or haven’t played enough Overwatch to experience it yet – we’ve got the sample for you before, and, yes, it’s as cute as everything, really.

Mei continues to be a big part of the Overwatch universe, as many fans actually used her picture on Twitter to advertise the whole “It’s gonna be May!” thing leading into this month – something Justin Timberlake fans are sure to be familiar with. And, of course, she’s still a popular character to play as well, so fans can also relate to her apologetic style as they’re freezing over opponents with her signature gun.

It’s just funny that one of the best bits of dialogue in the game came by accident – and became the stuff of legend in a matter of plays.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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