Blaster Master Zero Delivers New Modes And Characters In An Explosive Update

by Nathan Birch

Looking for something to play on your Nintendo Switch? Well, you could do a lot worse than Blaster Master Zero. Developed by old-school action masters at Inti Creates (Mega Man 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt), Blaster Master Zero delivers plenty of retro charm, but has also been subtly updated for modern audiences.

Still on the fence? Well, Inti Creates has just released a patch that adds new modes and characters! You can check out a trailer showcasing all the new features, above. Here’s how Inti Creates describes the two new modes:

Destroyer Mode

The all-new Destroyer Mode is a super-difficult "hard mode" that you can access after clearing the game. You have to make the right call at every turn and make use of your entire arsenal if you hope to have a chance of defeating these powered-up mutants! Be sure to give it a try!

EX Character Mode

EX Character Mode allows you to player through the entire game as one of many brand new DLC characters. These characters aren't just skins, though! They have their own set of abilities and weapons that create a gameplay experience completely different from that of the main protagonist, Jason.

The first two downloadable characters will be Gunvolt and Ekoro from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. Gunvolt is available now, while Ekoro arrives June 1, and both will be free for two weeks. After that, they’ll each cost $2 to download. According to Inti Creates a number of new characters are planned for the future. Just maybe keep the Mighty No. 9 characters out of the game, okay? Thanks.

You can check out WWG’s full Blaster Master Zero review, right here.

[via GoNintendo]