Starbreeze Hosting Special Live Stream Next Week, Including The Walking Dead

by Robert Workman


With the Electronic Entertainment Expo coming next month, many companies have begun ramping up the hype for its forthcoming 2017/2018 gaming catalog. The team at Starbreeze Studios is no exception, as the company has announced that it will host a special live event next week, showcasing many of its forthcoming games.

Set to air on May 10th at 12 PM EDT, the event will provide a first look at various upcoming projects from the team’s various studios, including Overkill, 505 Games and more. Perhaps the biggest title in this collection is Overkill’s forthcoming The Walking Dead, based on the comic book of the same name. The game has been worked on over the past couple of years, but this stream should provide an idea of what to expect from the team that brought us the Payday games.

In addition, Starbreeze will be showing off Psychonauts 2 in action. The long-awaited sequel, developed by Double Fine after a very successful crowdfunding campaign, promises to bring back Raz and company as they take on a plethora of new threats, both real and virtual. We should be getting more news about this game during the stream.

Starbreeze 2

Other announcements include a closer look at the forthcoming horror sequel System Shock 3; a special Payday 2 announcement that should involve more downloadable content for the game; a look at other games like RAID: World War II and Deliver Us the Moon, and a special “A Veternas of the Industry” panel featuring Warren Spector, Tim Schafer and Bo Andersson. More surprises could be planned as well, including a possible tease for the forthcoming Payday 3, but, for now, there’s already a lot to look forward to. Walking Dead!

Those interested in checking out the stream can catch it here on Starbreeze’s official Twitch page. We’ll provide any additional details as we get them, especially when it comes to Walking Dead and Psychonauts 2 related news. But there could be other surprises as well, so be sure to check back.

There are no release dates on these games just yet, but we should learn more soon. Hopefully, we’ll see The Walking Dead surface sometime this fall.

By Robert Workman

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