New Super Mario 64 Speedrun Goes Just Under Two Hours

by Robert Workman


Watching a player “speed run” their way through a game is really something – especially if they’re “on fire” and manage to get the thing done in a matter of just under a couple of hours.

That’s exactly what happened with Cheese05, who’s no stranger to the avid speedrunning community. He’s managed to make his way through Super Mario 64 in a new record time, collecting all 120 stars within the game within a matter of under two hours.

He completed the feat on the morning of May 5th, where he managed to get his run on, gathering hundreds of Twitch viewers that wanted to see the speedrun for themselves. He’s managed to put a lot of memorization into the game when it comes to routes and getting some of the trickier stars in Super Mario 64. But in the end, he got it done, and managed to collect all 120 of those bright little stars in a matter of an hour and forty minutes. That’s incredibly impressive.

Many people have managed to get speed runs done before on the game. The last one to get the feat done was a player by the name of Batora324, who completed the game in one hour, forty minutes and five seconds. Cheese05’s record got just a little under that, at one hour, thirty-nine minutes and fifty seven seconds. Yep, the bar has been raised.

The real neat thing here is to see Cheese05’s expression at the end of the speedrun – he can’t believe he actually got it done, despite all the memorization and hard work that he put into it. It’s really something, and his grandmother even provides some support when he needs it the most.

Barota324 held no hard feelings when it came to the defeat of his speedrun record. He took to Twitter and noted, “Congrats cheese!!!”, showing a true sportsmanship greeting for his effort.

You can check out the epic speedrun for yourself in the video below. It’s worth watching just to see all the ways Cheese05 finds some of these stars – and it just might teach future speedrunners a thing or two in getting something done. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 can’t get here soon enough.

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By Robert Workman

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