Alien-themed RPG Hellpoint Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Time

by Tanner Dedmon


An alien-themed indie game called Hellpoint, developed by Cradle Games, reached the goal of its Kickstarter campaign just before the end of the fundraiser's donation period.

For fans of the Dark Souls series, Hellpoint should serve as a familiar trek in gameplay despite being in a space-themed setting. As Cradle Games describes it, players will take on the role of a "mysterious ghoulish character whose intentions are entirely determined by your decisions," a character description that certainly begs familiarity to waking up as a Hollow and helping shape the fate of your world. The title also promises to deliver layers upon layers of lore to dig through and multiple endings to be discovered. If what they say is accurate, there's a good chance there will be a welcome wave of Souls fans shooting up into space to relive the excitement of digging through the Souls series' convoluted lore.

The combat system also bears resemblance to the stab-and-roll style of the Souls games as the Kickstarter trailer showcases mobs of deformed enemies and significantly larger bosses that must be taken down while managing both a health bar and a secondary resource bar. Shields are present and recommended, as it looks like the enemies are just as unforgiving as their medieval counterparts. 

With a goal of $36,625, the indie title reached broke through its goal by earning $36,753 with 1,050 backers and just 32 hours left in the funding period at the time this is written. 

Inside the space station the game takes place in, the setting is constantly in orbit around a looming black hole that alters the actions and behaviors of the station's inhabitants. If this is in any way inspired by the blood-red moon that hangs over Bloodbornethere's sure to be some interesting consequences and gameplay built up around the spacial alignment. 

One thing the game does offer that certainly sets it apart from those titles that inspired it is the inclusion of split-screen co-op. The developers noted they came from a time where the idea of couch co-op prevailed, and they want to integrate that back into their premiere project. No longer will a faulty connection affect co-op gameplay, and the shared loot system and drop-in, drop-out gameplay hopes to allow for seamless co-op.

Hellpoint is expected to be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One within the first quarter of 2018.