Rocket League Update Brings Back Neo Tokyo

by Tanner Dedmon


With the release of Rocket League Update 1.34 players will once again have access to the formerly controversial Neo Tokyo map on May 10 as well as a new battle car and the ability to turn real-life products into in-game items.

Announced on Monday, the next update to be dropped will return the Neo Tokyo map to all playlists, including both Competitive and Private matches. The removal of the map was announced on March 15 after the Psyonix team deemed the "alternative arena" to be in need of a few tweaks in order to bring it in line with other Rocket League maps.

"We recognize that alternate format arenas are a controversial subject and did not make this decision lightly," the March 15 update notes read. "The data we gathered since the Arena Preferences feature launched in December showed far less dislike for these arenas than one might expect from reading social media, but it did amplify our internal concerns about whether the Neo Tokyo arena design met our standards as a team for Rocket League."

The notes went on to state that while they value diversity in the Rocket League maps, the lack of usage in professional play was concerning and was cause for revisiting the design of the map.

The map is now returning with some significant changes after being taken out of rotation. Gone are the sloped sides that helped characterize the map, the parallel ramps on either side being replaced with a normal, flattened ground instead. The old version of the map can still be enjoyed in offline and Private matches under the new name Tokyo Underpass, and it will be replacing the existing map Underpass in the Rocket League rotation.

Along with this map, the update introduces Mantis, a limited-drop battle car available through the new Nitro Crate. The mean, green vehicle uses the same low hitbox and turn radius as the Batmobile from the Batman v. Superman DLC.


A framework will also be shipped with this update to utilize the redeemable codes that are to be found in the Zag Toys Mini Pull-Back Racers that were announced recently. Rare and Very Rare Pull-Back Racers will include codes that can be redeemed for in-game item sets.

The full patch notes for Update 1.34 are scheduled to be announced on May 10.