Sega Once Again Teases Some Kind Of Vanquish Reveal

by Robert Workman


Oh, Sega, we know you’re planning something, you scamp. But what is it?

Last month, the publisher released the long-awaited Bayonetta for PC, and it was well received for the most part, taking advantage of its 4K potential and delivering all the hard-hitting action we’ve come to expect from Platinum Games. But it also included a teaser for another possible port making its way to PC – the hard-hitting Vanquish, which originally released for consoles back in 2010.

But now Sega has teased something Vanquish related once again, and while it didn’t specifically point out if it was a PC port or a sequel or whatever, it definitely has something to do with the franchise, and we could find out as soon as next month, when E3 rolls around, what’s going on.

In the tweet, which you can find here, Sega included a cryptic image that includes an emblem, along with the year “2017” in the upper right hand corner. Fans of the series will immediately recognize this emblem belonging to Victor Zaitsev, who serves as the main antagonist of Vanquish.

At this point, a PC port seems very likely, considering the hints from Bayonetta and now this. But could it possibly be a sequel as well? After all, Bayonetta wasn’t really considered for a sequel at any given point in time, and then Nintendo came out of nowhere, announcing it as a Wii U exclusive – and it would later go on to become one of that console’s most beloved games – and a triumphant return to action for Platinum Games.

More than likely, though, it’ll probably stay on the PC front, unless Nintendo has once again struck an exclusive deal with Sega. For the time being, we’re definitely intrigued as to what could be announced for the franchise. A sequel would hit the spot, but we’re more than pleased to see a PC port with 4K support and a heightened frame rate. Not to mention all that wanton destruction.

We’ll let you know what Sega announces as soon as it’s official. For the time being, be sure to check out the original game, available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out the trailer below!

By Robert Workman

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