Shaq Gets Trolled by Kobe in NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Announcement Video

by Matthew Hayes

The face of NBA 2K18's Legend Edition has been revealed, and it's none other than NBA Legend and Shaq Fu master, Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq himself declared his appointment to the cover of the highly-anticipated next installment of this world-renowned series in a hilarious little announcement video which we'll share below. You'll see that, although Shaq gets his mug on the cover of NBA 2K this year, it's Kobe Bryant who gets the last laugh. Check it out:

NBA 2K18 - Shaq Legend Edition Announcement by WWG

“I want to thank NBA 2K for their continuous support of my basketball and broadcast career,” said O’Neal, whose Hall of Fame enshrinement late last year celebrates a storied 19-year career. “I’m excited to be on the cover of the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition and I hope my fans have a blast playing it up big man style and re-creating my most legendary in-game moments!”
These are two of the (very) few athletes that we can actually watch and enjoy in a commercial. Even when you know they're just pandering or trying to sell you something, they're just too funny to ignore. It's always fun to entertain silly new rivalries, and we're really hoping that 2K has some follow-up promotional trailers starring these two in the works.

As for the game, remember that NBA 2K18, in addition to its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well. 2K confirmed as much back in January. The Legend Edition comes with a ton of digital and tangible extras, and the Legend Edition Gold comes with even more surprises. Here's the breakdown, respectively:

Legend Edition:

  • 100,000 VC
  • 20 Weekly My Team Packs (with guaranteed Shaq and Team 2K cards)
  • Shaq Attaq Shoes
  • Shaq jerseys + apparel
  • Championship ring
  • Shaq My Team stickers
  • 5 Shaq trading cards
  • Shaq poster

Legendary Edition Gold:

  • All Legend Edition Content
  • Additional 150,000 VC (250,000 total)
  • 20 additional weekly My Team packs (40 total with guaranteed Shaq and Team 2K cards)
  • Shaq's Jersey collection
  • 5 additional Shaq trading cards
  • Lenticular cover

"The NBA 2K18 Legend Edition and Legend Edition Gold will be available in both digital and physical formats for $99.99 and $149.99, respectively, on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold physical edition is available exclusively at GameStop."

By Matthew Hayes

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