South Korean Politician Uses Overwatch For Her Campaign

by Robert Workman


A lot of the time, politicians usually turn to “shock value” for their advertising campaigns, slogging their opponents in the mud while making a lot of promises if they’re elected to a certain position. But we’re telling you right now – if more politicians used video game savvy for their campaigns, we’d be a lot better off come voting time.

That’s exactly what South Korea’s Sim Sang-jung has done, turning to a very familiar game to get her campaign a nice little boost. As one of the five bigger political candidates in the country’s forthcoming election, Sang-jung actually used an Overwatch style set-up to reach out to voters, using its “play of the game” style of set-up to show off her accomplishments. It’s a novel idea.

You can see the campaign ad below, and though it’s entirely in Korean, you can see how it’s being used to show what kind of a go-getter attitude she has when it comes to getting into the political ring. With every point she makes in the video, it highlights each of the talking points as a “kill,” similar to the ones you’d find in the game.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Sang-jung utilized Overwatch to help push her campaign ahead, since the game, like most of Blizzard’s properties, are insanely popular in the South Korean district. And we’ve seen examples from the past where Overwatch was used before for such means, like with a protest group that appeared at the International Women’s March back in January, carrying a flag that had D.Va’s bunny symbol on it. (As to why, it appears that the association utilizes the flag to help promote feminism and the acceptance of female gamers.)

Does this mean we’ll start seeing more political campaigns that use video game ads? Probably not, unless they try to reach out specifically to a gaming audience. But it’s cool to see someone do it with effectiveness, even if we can’t quite make out everything that she’s saying. Maybe she’ll try StarCraft next.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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