BioWare’s Next Game Won’t Drop For Some Time

by Robert Workman


BioWare has been quite busy as of late, with Dragon Age: Inquisition releasing a couple of years back, and, more recently, Mass Effect: Andromeda arriving a couple of months ago, with big plans for downloadable content to come in the months ahead. But we were more intrigued to hear about what the developer had in mind for the future, as it was working on something new, a relatively fresh IP that would no doubt shake up the game scene in 2018. But the thing is, it’s not. At least, not at the moment.

During an Electronic Arts investor earnings call today, the publisher confirmed that BioWare’s next project won’t be coming for some time. Originally slated for a reveal next year, the company has noted that the project has now been pushed back to 2019. It did note that the game would utilize live service, as well as a “disruptive new social design” to boost its popularity, but didn’t provide any other details outside of that.

Many fans were hoping that the developer would be announcing what it would be working on within the Star Wars universe, especially considering that it made the incredibly popular Knights of the Old Republic several years back for Xbox and PC. But, alas, it doesn’t look like we’re going to hear about those plans anytime soon – especially with Electronic Arts focusing on the forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II instead.

Still, fans of BioWare won’t have to wait too long to see something new, as the company has quite a roadmap lined up for Andromeda, with new – and more importantly, free – content set to launch over the next few months. We’ll likely learn more about what this content is in the months ahead, especially with EA’s Play event right around the corner, which will coincide during the same week as E3 in Los Angeles.

We do hope we get to hear more about BioWare’s next game soon enough, though. It’d be great to see what it’s working on next, and just how “disruptive” it’ll be to the game scene. Jade Empire 2, is that you?!

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

By Robert Workman

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