Grand Theft Auto Online Gets New Race Event, Plenty Of Rewards

by Robert Workman


This week’s update for Grand Theft Auto Online may not be as big as other updates that we’ve seen in the past, but there’s still plenty going on for die-hard players to get into, including a fun little beach party in time for the summer season.

That Beach Party is, in fact, a new racing event, one in which you’ll be using the Blazer Aqua quadbikes to get around. You’ll be able to cruise the beaches and have a good time doing it – not to mention you’ll also score some sweet rewards out of the deal. Those that take part in the races will earn triple RP, and the top three players in each race will also be able to earn extra GTA$, though specific amounts weren’t given at the time of the report. Expect quite a bit of cash, though.

There’s also a new Time Trial, in the form of Raton Canyon. If you can manage to beat the given race time in this event, you’ll earn some extra GTA$ for your trouble, along with an extra reward of RP.

Those are the only real new events this week, but those of you that like to take part in heist missions can also earn a few extra bucks, as you’ll be able to clean up on double of the amount of GTA$ and RP during these particular missions. You’ve got until May 16th to earn the extra bonuses, so get some friends together and go nuts robbing banks and other organizations blind.

Rockstar Games has also extended the bonuses that were offered on Biker Contract Missions and discounts that were offered last week across a set of vehicles, so you’ll be able to take advantage of those as well through May 16th. So if online robbery isn’t your thing, maybe living the life of a biker is.

The next few updates for the game should be plentiful, and we’ll bring you all the details as they become available within it. So make sure you have plenty of cash, a nice set of cars, and some friends – you’re in for a good time these next few weeks.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now, as part of Grand Theft Auto V’s overall package, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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