NBA 2K18 On Nintendo Switch Is The Same As The Xbox One And PS4 Versions

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: 2K Games)

Nintendo fans have known the NBA 2K series was on its way to the Switch for some time, as a version of the game was shown in the very first Switch trailer way back in October of last year. But questions remained – would the Nintendo Switch be getting the full up-to-date version of NBA 2K? Or would we be getting some weird, motion-controlled arcade version? Or an out-of-date port? Nintendo fans have seen these things happen before!

Well, yesterday the curtain was pulled back on NBA 2K18, and some of the information revealed should set Nintendo Switch owners’ minds at ease. The Switch is officially getting NBA 2K18 – not NBA 2K: Party Edition or NBA 2K: 1-2-Dunk! – just straight-up NBA 2K18. The Switch version will also launch on the same day as the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Switch owners will even get the Shaq Legend Edition and Legendary Edition Gold. As a reminder, they include:

Legend Edition:

100,000 VC

20 Weekly My Team Packs (with guaranteed Shaq and Team 2K cards)

Shaq Attaq Shoes

Shaq jerseys + apparel

Championship ring

Shaq My Team stickers

5 Shaq trading cards

Shaq poster

Legendary Edition Gold:

All Legend Edition Content

Additional 150,000 VC (250,000 total)

20 additional weekly My Team packs (40 total with guaranteed Shaq and Team 2K cards)

Shaq's Jersey collection

5 additional Shaq trading cards

Lenticular cover

We still don’t know that much about the Switch version of NBA 2K18 – could it be missing some features found on the Xbox One and PS4? Possibly. Could it have its unique features? Also possible. That said, it seems like 2K Games is trying to give Nintendo fans a full-fledged sports sim experience, which is certainly encouraging. If 2K can pull it off, other sports publishers like EA and Konami will have to follow suit.

NBA 2K18 dribbles onto PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch on September 19.

[via Nintendo Everything]