Amazon Announces Mobile Masters Tournament Series Featuring Global Pros and Streamer Phenoms

by Matthew Hayes

mobile masters
(Photo: Amazon)

Amazon is continuing its commitment to bring esports to the masses in the most engaging and most convenient ways possible, featuring games and players that the community cares about. Today Amazon announced the Mobile Masters Tournament (M2).

This is a new tournament series featuring top competitors of popular mobile games like Summoners War, Vainglory and Hearthstone -- all games that have proven to be both accessible and highly competitive, and all games that you can find on the Amazon App Store. Competitions will take place over two days on June 23 – 24 at the Prudential Center in New York and August 18 - 20 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles in conjunction with the world’s largest Korean pop culture festival KCON.

mobile master
(Photo: Amazon)

“We believe in the universal appeal of competition to all mobile gamers," said Marja Koopmans, director of mobile esports at Amazon. "We are investing in new events and experiences that mobile gamers across all kinds of games can enjoy.

"Events like Mobile Masters are a way to help players show off their skills and find out who is the best at their game. In addition, our tournaments uniquely enable game developers to bring in new audiences to their game while deepening the relationship with existing players.”

Top competitors from all over the world will be participating in all three tournaments in the series. The Vainglory tournament will feature Invincible Armada and top North American teams like NRG, Tempo Storm, and Cloud 9. The Hearthstone tournament will feature popular streamers and notable pros like William “Amnesia_sc” Barton and Johnnie “Ratsmah” Lee. The Summoners War tournament will feature popular streamers Rinriona and ShreddedPuzzle.

The tournaments will be MC's by Maria Ho, a professional poker star, veteran of The Amazing Race and host of CBS Sports’ The Final Table, who will be hosting a variety of Amazon's esports events. When the festivities begin, you'll of course be able to watch it all go down live on Twitch.

For more information, check out the official page here, and stay tuned to WWG for all of the latest!

By Matthew Hayes

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