League of Legends: Player Breaks Onto Stage During Mid-Season Invitational Finals

James Bates


(Photo: League of Legends)

The closing moments of the Mid-Season Invitational contained one of the biggest surprises in the history of international play. Before you get your hopes up, no SKT T1 weren't defeated by G2 Esports. Rather, Riot Games experienced their first security breach in the game's international history. During the closing ceremony, which not only featured the victorious SKT T1 but also the football legend Ronaldo as well as the famous Brazilian ADC player BrTT, a fan leaped from the stands and dove onto the stage before being eventually removed from the event. While there was no injuries reported, not even for the fan who had just jumped more than ten feet straight down, it was still a chilling reminder of how much harm a lone lunatic could do if they so chose.

The heated fan response, all of whom were calling into question Riot's ability to protect their players, eventually prompted the following statement from Riot on Reddit:

“Hey guys, I’m res0lute and I’m the event lead of 12 foot drop) and was able to run onto the stage. This breach is unacceptable - there needs to be airtight security around our pro players. We’ll be reviewing this immediately and putting additional security measures in place to make sure we’re doing everything we can to protect teams and players when they’re competing at live events. Thank you.”

That wasn't enough to calm WWG's Matt Best, however, who viewed the whole affair as a major strike against Riot. "While many people are viewing this as a joke," he wrote. "But it’s certainly not one. People are taking this lightly because nobody got hurt and it was taken care of, but it shouldn’t have got to that point. If this happened during the LCS, it would likely be swept under the rug even more. The fact that this happened during an international event should raise red flags. Although this guy probably had good intentions of just being an idiot, imagine if he didn’t. Spectators shouldn’t be able to get that close to the stage. If they want to talk to their favorite players, make signs or go to their fan meets. Yeah, it might just be a game, but you have to think about player safety."

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