Tempo Storm Announces New Challenger Roster

James Bates


(Photo: lolesports)

Reynad fans rejoice! Many pundits speculated that Tempo Storm's League of Legends arm wouldn't survive another split in the NA CS due to their lackluster finish during the 2017 NA Challenger Series Spring Split, but Tempo Storm proved them all wrong earlier this week when they announced their new NA CS lineup. The team had already garnered quite a bit of attention for itself earlier in the month when they announced that their new head coach would be none other than former Gravity Gaming head coach and SPOTV LCK commentator Nick "LS" De Cesare. Now the hype is set to intensify, as Temp Storm's new roster features exciting faces both new and old.

Then new roster still has a familiar headliner. Diego "Quas" Ruiz will be reprising his appearance in the top lane for another split. A fan-favorite for many, Quas is amongst the most experienced players in the North American region, period. He's only surpassed by the likes of Dyrus and Darshan, whose careers spanned truly colossal periods of time. We'll soon see what kind of off-meta picks this top lane wizard will bring to the table, as Quas is known for never going with the flow.

Quas isn't the only big name on the team, however. Marcin "SELFIE" Wolski will be holding down the mid lane for Tempo Storm. The Polish players has a reputation for excellence that has been well-earned, even if he hasn't made too many showing on the LCS stage. He's best known for his time on the Supa Hot Crew, where he helped the team go from the last in the league to near the top. Fans of the EU LCS often bemoan the fact that SELFIE has yet to find a permanent home on the LCS stage, but now he'll have yet another chance to earn exactly that.

The rest of the team are no slouches, either. The team's jungler is Raymond "Wiggily" Griffin, who has been one of the rising stars in his role throughout North America over the last year. Their ADC probably the least well-known player on the line-up, as the team has opted to run Sam "Reven" Sung as their ADC, a player who has been part of the challenger scene for some time, but has never really had a breakout performance. Finally, the team's support will be ex-Cloud9 Tempest support Jamie "Sheep" Gallagher, who brings his years of competitive experience in the challenger series to the table.

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