CSGO Organizations Make Announcements on Boomeo Partnership

by Steven Cropley

The training platform and community Boomeo was revealed earlier todayThe new project has gone live today with the goal of being the go-to site for improving in Valve's popular first-person Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The web-platform seeks to bring in any and all Counter-Strike players who wish to hone their skills by offering various outlets to achieve these goals.

The platform has already brought in some of the best teams in Counter-Strike to help build the legitimacy and reach. Professional players will be a focal point of the content, providing in-depth analysis of plays and various how-tos such as grenade throws and site holding techniques.

The partnered organizations behind the players have taken to provide several announcements of their own on the partnership. Boomeo is currently partnered with Cloud9, compLexity, Counter Logic Gaming, G2 Esports, and SK Gaming. SK, Cloud9, and G2 all hold spots in our WWG CSGO Team Rankings at No. 3, 10, 15 respectively, showcasing the level of play that Boomeo is looking to bring in.

Excerpts from announcements by SK, coL, CLG, and G2 can be found below.

SK Gaming:

From the best servers for aim maps, deathmatch or retake scenarios to all the content you need to get better at our favorite game, Boomeo has the tools to learn the game effectively. Weekly new premium content from top pros such as Shox, n0thing or our very own Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo will enable you to climb the ranks of CS:GO.

Boomeo SK
(Photo: SK Gaming)


“We are extremely honored to be a launch partner. Boomeo's approach to learning CSGO is revolutionary in that the platform begins with detailed fundamentals and evolves to sophisticated mechanics and strategies. I believe Boomeo will play an integral part in developing the next generation of professional CS:GO players.”

- Jason Lake, compLexity Gaming Founder and CEO

G2 Esports:

“We’re delighted to be a launch partner for Boomeo and IMG,” said Krystian Jaroszynski, Head of Business Development at G2 Esports. “There are many CS:GO-oriented sites offering tutorials and guides out there, but none of them do it the way Boomeo does. It is a fantastic mixture of quality and innovation, and we are looking forward to the further development of the platform, with the participation of our star players. Looking to master your CS:GO skills with the best? Look no further.”

Counter Logic Gaming:

Counter Logic Gaming is excited to announce a new partnership with Boomeo, a web-based esports platform dedicated to helping train the next generation of Counter Strike players. Boomeo features a plethora of feature articles, guides, and an easy-to-navigate educational video series for improving your game. Boomeo was designed with the help of various esports teams and pro players, including our own Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, to create an educational platform like no other.