CLG CSGO Win StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season Three Qualifier #2

by Steven Cropley

Counter Logic Gaming managed to grab the second spot from North America at the upcoming StarLadder i-League StarSeries season three finals. The North American squad has been heating up lately, splitting matches with Luminosity, Misfits, and Selfless while going 2-0 over Winterfox in the ESL Pro League.

Managing a 2-0 sweep of No. 8 OpTic Gaming in the qualifier was surprising even with the troubles that plague the green wall. Going up against No. 20 Renegades did not look like it would be an easy battle either, but CLG handled it without too much difficulty.

The recently added Ricardo "Rickeh" Mulholland, formerly of Renegades would lead the charge against his previous team. Rickeh was released for reasons that appear to have been unrelated to his performance in-game. Rickeh acted as the team AWP player for Renegades but has moved to the role of rifler in joining with CLG while Kenneth "koosta" Suen will be using the big green gun.

(Photo: CLG)

Rickeh finished the series with a kill-to-death ratio of +20 while netting 91.3 average damage per round. Rickeh also pulled off an ace against his former squad during an eco round would help put CLG back in the drivers seat on map two. Rickeh had help, however, as Stephen "reltuC" Cutler and Kenneth "koosta" Suen ended the series with +20 and +16 kill-to-death ratios respectively with 94.2 and 86.8 average damage.

CLG still has room to grow in order to compete at an event with such staunch opponents as No. 1-7 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, Astralis,, Natus Vincere, SK Gaming, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, and North respectively.

Full team list:

 No. 4 SK   No. 2   No. 7 North   No. 9 NiP
 No. 1 Astralis   No. 5 FaZe  No. 3 Natus Vincere   No. 10 Gambit 
MVP Project  TyLoo 5POWER  No. 12 Immortals
 No. 16 G2  No. 6 fnatic CLG  EU qualifier 

The $300,000 event take place take place at the Palace "Ukraine" from April 4 to 9. The event will host sixteen top teams with eight of the world's best teams receiving a direct invitation to the finals while the other eight must earn their way via regional qualifiers.

Held at the same venue, season two saw the No. 9 team in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, Ninjas in Pyjamas lift the trophy, taking down No. 15 G2 Esports in the finals after besting the North American team Cloud9 in the semifinals.