Freakazoid Gets Feet Wet Again, Stands in for OpTic Gaming

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Ryan "Freakazoid" Abadir got his first piece of the action this season when the Echo Fox player stood in for No. 8 OpTic Gaming in its ESL Pro League matches last night. Echo Fox gave the player on loan to the organization who was left without a fifth, even a temporary one at that, after parting ways with Spencer "Hiko" Martin who had stepped into the fill the void left by Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz.

Freakazoid had been living the streamer life as Echo Fox had failed to field a roster following disappointing results in the previous season that saw several players separate from the organization. fREAKAZOID and Daniel "roca" Gustaferri are the only two players who remain as members of the Rick Fox owned organization.

OpTic sits at number seven in the ESL Pro League standings following the 2-0 in last night's matches. The green wall was pinned against RUSH, the 3-7 team is currently in 12th place only holding a lead over Selfless and Winterfox.

The series kicked off on Inferno where the former Cloud9 player finished with a +4 kill-to-death ratio and 64.9 average damage per round. While that may seem less than stellar, OpTic handled RUSH 16-5 on that map and little input was needed from the stand-in.


It was a similar story for map two, although a more tightly contested one. OpTic would secure the win 16-13 but Freakazoid would finish it out with a +3 kill-to-death and 57.9 average damage per round.

The player admits it was a rusty performance, to be fair, though, not all too shabby for jumping into a match with a team at the last second. As he stated on his Twitter account, timing and communication is something that takes practice and practice he did not have.

OpTic Gaming is still on the hunt for a full-time fifth member and nothing is known about the future of Echo Fox in CS:GO.


Steven Cropley

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