Dignitas' GooseBreeder: "There are a lot of Girls who Could Simply Branch out and Play on Higher Level Male Teams"

by Steven Cropley

Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie joined WWG's daily esports news show The Checkpoint to talk about life on a new team like Team Dignitas, how esports can expand its base of competitors, and the state of CS:GO right now.

GooseBreeder's all-female squad was recently acquired from Selfless Gaming by Dignitas. The Philadelphia 76ers backed organization made its first return to Counter-Strike after parting ways with its male team, the current No. 7 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, North lineup. The team filled the void left for a male team just days ago when it signed an international roster made up of well-known players.

Goosebreeder checkpoint

Dobie explained that the transition was easy and Dignitas accepted the squad with open arms. "They're really welcoming and we definitely feel like part of the family. They've made sure that they're meeting our needs and they definitely care about us as players," the rifler said.

Did the system or structure of the teams practice regiment change upon the switch? No, the work ethic has been high and continues to be according to Dobie. "To be honest our work ethic is still the same, we still try hard and you know just having Dignitas behind us gives us an extra step of motivation, but not only that like you said, we have more resources now so we can take those tools and use it to get better," she explained.

When asked whether or not more big events will feature or be focused on the female scene, Dobie said it would not surprise her. "I wouldn't be shocked, to be honest. I feel like there would probably be more events coming out in the next couple years, I would be surprised if there aren't," Dobie explained. "Not only that but we do plan on going to a lot of like Fragadelphias," she added.

This led Knocke to ask her thoughts on being the team representing the city of Philadelphia as a part of the 76ers organization. "It's kind of cool, yeah. We definitely talked about it a little bit, like it'd be awesome to go because of like the 76ers and everything."

Did she ever think she would be in this situation representing a giant sports organization? No. "I never thought I'd even be where I am now," she said followed by a laugh.

On the subject of the separation of males and females and esports, Counter-Strike in particular, Dobie provided her thoughts.

"There first thing is, I don't think people understand a lot of women have played on male teams," she said. "There's a whole lot of talk about this, and people forget there have been females who have played at higher levels and there are a lot of girls who could simply branch out and play on higher level male teams and they could probably grow like that too but there's opportunities now," she added.

Players that stand as an example to this would be Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo and Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey who have played at the Main to Invite level of leagues such as ESEA and CAL throughout their careers in the Counter-Strike series. missharvey is currently active on Counter Logic Gaming Red which is competing in ESEA Main with a record of 9-6.

Diane "di^" Tran was also used as a substitute for Muffin Lightning during the Mountain Dew League Offline Finals and finished above two of her males teammates in average damage per round across six maps, also holding a higher headshot percentage than the entire team at 61.2%.

Dobie goes on to say the female scene is continuing to grow and with that, teams will only get better as they battle to be the best. "I think people don't think about the growth at all, like how many girls don't feel welcome in the scene. These events just give them that extra push to show oh I can be competitive, like other girls are taking this seriously I can take it seriously too," she explained.

Does she have any interest in playing with males in the professional scene? "In the future maybe that's something I could do too, I have played on male teams before. This opportunity came and I wanted to take it. It's part of my career now and it's a smart thing to do in my opinion, it's really risky when you have a career right now, why leave it for something that's not for sure," Dobie said. "I would love in the future maybe to experience playing with really respectable players, most likely males, you know I've already played with a lot of the females."

As the scene continues to grow, look forward to seeing more females getting into the competitive scene and reaching higher levels.

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