ECS CBO Michele Attisani on YouTube Audience: "Viewership Was Way Higher Than We Expected to Start With"

by Steven Cropley

During a press conference in which the Esports Championship Series announced the venue for the season three finals alongside partnerships with Genius Sports and the Esports Arena, WWG had the chance to ask the organization a question in regards to its move from broadcasting its league on Twitch to YouTube.

All matches will be streamed live on YouTube thanks to a recently made partnership between the league and broadcast platform. The players involved in the ECS league stand to gain as well from the partnership. Per the press release, YouTube will actively work with players to "provide guidance to maximize engagement on their YouTube channels and build their audiences."

ECS YouTube

”YouTube offers fans of the ECS an unmatched online viewing experience. YouTube is by far the most watched platform for gamers in the world and continues to innovate and lead on video technology, making it a great place for us to call our new home for the Esports Championship Series," Michele Attisani, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of FACEIT said in corresponding press release.

Anyone who wants to catch the inaugural matches on YouTube has to go no further than

Following the initial announcements, ECS was asked by WWG about the move to YouTube in regards to how it has already been seen with other leagues or events that the same numbers as previously seen on Twitch are not there. In response to a question regarding the timeline that the league expects to play out before it can see comparable numbers to those found on Twitch as well as how it plans on leading the audience over, it was stated the answer is not yet apparent.

"That’s one we’ve been asking ourselves as well," Michele Attisani, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of FACEIT said. "The community is very used to watching esports on twitch. We’ve been doing some broadcasts and producing content already...viewership was way higher than we expected to start with," he added.

"We are still building our presence on YouTube. Historically we’ve never been really active on YouTube, so our starting numbers were not that great. I think that over time, as I mentioned before, there will be an opportunity to grow even further because we’re just not targeting our traditional fans anymore, we have an opportunity to reach and target a new audience. Gaming is one of the biggest verticals on YouTube globally. YouTube is the platform with the most gaming content consumed globally," Attisani said.

ESL also made the move over to YouTube with its ESL Pro League shortly before ECS made the announcement of its switch.