compLexity CSGO Officially Signs Slemmy From Selfless

by Steven Cropley

After a short trial period, Alec "Slemmy" White has officially signed on board with the compLexity organization. The announcement was made that Slemmy would be playing with compLexity's CS:GO team on a trial basis just seven days ago but owner Jason Lake is feeling confident in the decision. "Confident this is our best move. High expectations. I'll keep monitoring daily. Keep the faith, friends," he said on his Twitter account.

Slemmy gave the following statement on the announcement posted to  the compLexity website:

“I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to join up with compLexity CS:GO team. After having conversations with the players and management I feel that everyone on board has a great desire to improve and work hard. The team is full of very talented players and I am confident I can help us come together and play good team CS. It is an honor to play under such a historic esports organization.”

compLexity has drifted away from the time it was a household name in Counter-Strike. Coming from the legendary 1.6 days up to the Spencer "Hiko" Martin and Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert team in CS:GO. After joining the team in August, Michael "Uber" Stapells and compLexity elected to part ways just eleven days ago.  The coL team currently sits with a record of 5-11 in the ESL Pro League. Although the team managed to qualify for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas recently, the tournament saw coL get smashed by powerhouse teams like No. 1 Astralis and No. 6 North.

Slemmy DH
(Photo: DreamHack)

Since the departure of Uber, compLexity tried bringing in Jason "jasonR" Ruchelski as a stand-in but that did not prove fruitful. His tenure with the team saw it hit a new low, being relegated out of the Esports Championship Series league by Bees Money Crew. To make it sting a little more, it was a complete sweep in a best-of-five at 3-0.

A former Cloud9 member and in-game leader, Slemmy joined with the boys in blue for a short period but was able to add to their arsenal tactically. He could not keep up when it came to pure skill, however, and found himself out of the team. His spot was filled by Timothy "autimatic" Ta.

Slemmy was most recently playing for Selfless from which he was on loan until the sale and transfer was completed today. He was with the team during its WESG run and some recent online events and leagues.


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