StarLadder StarSeries S3: G2 CSGO Continues to Dominate in Debut

by Steven Cropley

G2 Esports will join No. 3 Natus Vincere as the second team to make it to the playoffs of the StarLadder i-League StarSeries season three finals. In the deciding match between the 2-0 G2 and SK Gaming, the map was set to Overpass. Both teams had looked great the previous day as SK Gaming dominated the No. 2 team in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings 16-2 while G2 defeated No. 15 HellRaisers by the same margin. The scene was set for this to be two high-powered trains slamming into each other.

G2 Team
(Photo: G2)

It did not play out quite that way although it looked like it would at the start. SK picked up the pistol but G2 would take the following eco. The exchange would be returned, however, as SK would win the next force buy to take a 2-1 lead. Things would be lost from there as G2 would win all but one of the remaining rounds in the half to hold a sizeable lead of 12-3 over the Brazilian side.

SK would have the round advantage in the second half but could not hold off G2 from winning a round of its own and with such a large lead, round trades favored the Frenchmen. At 5-4 favoring SK in the second half, G2 had captured the game point at 16-8.

Like its previous matches, G2 had a strong team performance with all but one player posting a positive kill-to-death ratio, led by Richard 'shox' Papillon at +15. Three players had at least 95 average damage per round as shox, Alexandre 'bodyy' Pianaro, and Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt all collect on that accolade.

No. 7 Fnatic and No. 1 Astralis play in the final match of the day.

Day three matches/results:

 9:00   china No. 24 TyLoo (ELIM) 16-19   south korea MVP Project
10:30   brazil No. 9 Immortals 16-11   china UYA-E/5POWER BO1
12:00   kazakhstan No. 10 Gambit 13-16   Europe No. 5 FaZe BO1
13:30   USA Counter Logic Gaming 11-16   Europe No. 15 HellRaisers BO1
15:00   CIS No. 4 Natus Vincere 16-11   Denmark No. 6 North BO1
16:30   sweden No. 12 NiP 16-6   poland No. 2 BO1
18:00   brazil No. 4 SK 8-16   france No. 16 G2 BO1
19:30   sweden No. 7 Fnatic vs.   Denmark No. 1 Astralis BO1

Matches one and two will see the loser eliminated at 0-3 while matches five and seven will see the winner move to playoffs at 3-0.

Day two results:

10:00   kazakhstan No. 10 Gambit 16-13   china No. 24 TyLoo
11:30   china UYA-E/5POWER 3-16   USA Counter Logic Gaming BO1
13:00   Europe No. 5 FaZe 16-10   brazil No. 9 Immortals BO1
14:30   Denmark No. 1 Astralis 16-19   Denmark No. 6 North BO1
16:00   Europe No. 15 HellRaisers 2-16   france No. 16 G2 BO1
17:30   CIS No. 4 Natus Vincere 16-9   sweden No. 7 Fnatic BO1
19:00   sweden No. 12 NiP 16-9   south korea MVP Project BO1
20:30   poland No. 2 2-16   brazil No. 4 SK BO1

Day one results:

 9:00   Denmark No. 6 North 16-3   brazil No. 9 Immortals
10:30   poland No. 2 16-4   south korea MVP Project BO1
12:00   brazil No. 4 SK 16-12   china No. 24 TyLoo BO1
13:30   Denmark No. 1 Astralis 16-11   USA Counter Logic Gaming BO1
15:00   Europe No. 5 FaZe 10-16   Europe No. 15 HellRaisers BO1
16:30   kazakhstan No. 10 Gambit 8-16   sweden No. 7 Fnatic BO1
18:00   sweden No. 12 NiP 6-16   france No. 16 G2 BO1
19:30   CIS No. 4 Natus Vincere 16-9   china UYA-E/5POWER BO1