TyLoo First Squad Eliminated at StarLadder i-League StarSeries CSGO Finals

by Steven Cropley

TyLoo SS
(Photo: TyLoo)

The first squad eliminated from the StarLadder i-League StarSeries season three finals is the once regional juggernaut, No. 24 TyLoo. The team was 0-2 after kicking off the event with a 16-12 loss to SK Gaming and following it up with a 16-13 to No. 10 Gambit. TyLoo's final match came against the Korean side of MVP Project

It seemed as if only one player could show up in these matches for the Chinese organization. During the SK Gaming match, only Hui "DD" Wu ended the close map with a positive kill-to-death ratio at +6 with 92.3 average damage per round.

Moving into the next match against Gambit, two players managed to scrape up a positive kill-to-death ratio, however, the difference in average damage per round saw HaoWen "somebody" Xu be the man of impact with 101.8, the highest in the server in the 16-13 loss.

It was the player somebody who once again was the leading man in the team's final match of the event, netting a +3 kill-to-death ratio and 87.1 average damage per round, only second 90.3 from DD on his squad. Hae-Sung 'HSK' Kim and Hyun-Pyo 'XigN' Lee were the stars in that match, leading MVP with +13 and +8 ratios and 92.4 and 95.7 average damage respectively.

Day three matches/results:

 9:00   china No. 24 TyLoo (ELIM) 16-19   south korea MVP Project
10:30   brazil No. 9 Immortals 16-11   china UYA-E/5POWER BO1
12:00   kazakhstan No. 10 Gambit 13-16   Europe No. 5 FaZe BO1
13:30   USA Counter Logic Gaming 11-16   Europe No. 15 HellRaisers BO1
15:00   CIS No. 4 Natus Vincere vs.   Denmark No. 6 North BO1
16:30   sweden No. 12 NiP vs.   poland No. 2 Virtus.pro BO1
18:00   brazil No. 4 SK vs.   france No. 16 G2 BO1
19:30   sweden No. 7 Fnatic vs.   Denmark No. 1 Astralis BO1

Matches one and two will see the loser eliminated at 0-3 while matches five and seven will see the winner move to playoffs at 3-0.

Day two results:

10:00   kazakhstan No. 10 Gambit 16-13   china No. 24 TyLoo
11:30   china UYA-E/5POWER 3-16   USA Counter Logic Gaming BO1
13:00   Europe No. 5 FaZe 16-10   brazil No. 9 Immortals BO1
14:30   Denmark No. 1 Astralis 16-19   Denmark No. 6 North BO1
16:00   Europe No. 15 HellRaisers 2-16   france No. 16 G2 BO1
17:30   CIS No. 4 Natus Vincere 16-9   sweden No. 7 Fnatic BO1
19:00   sweden No. 12 NiP 16-9   south korea MVP Project BO1
20:30   poland No. 2 Virtus.pro 2-16   brazil No. 4 SK BO1

Day one results:

 9:00   Denmark No. 6 North 16-3   brazil No. 9 Immortals
10:30   poland No. 2 Virtus.pro 16-4   south korea MVP Project BO1
12:00   brazil No. 4 SK 16-12   china No. 24 TyLoo BO1
13:30   Denmark No. 1 Astralis 16-11   USA Counter Logic Gaming BO1
15:00   Europe No. 5 FaZe 10-16   Europe No. 15 HellRaisers BO1
16:30   kazakhstan No. 10 Gambit 8-16   sweden No. 7 Fnatic BO1
18:00   sweden No. 12 NiP 6-16   france No. 16 G2 BO1
19:30   CIS No. 4 Natus Vincere 16-9   china UYA-E/5POWER BO1