Valve's Dota 2 Forums Hacked: Time to Change Your Passwords -- All of Them

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: Valve)

If you are a Dota 2 player who visits their official website forums and values the privacy of your email account, you need to change your passwords – in a hurry.

According to LeakedSource, a search engine dedicated to providing information about hacked and leaked databases, 1,923,972 accounts located on Valve’s Dota 2 servers were hacked and indexed by their email addresses back on July 10.

In a frightening trend, the Dota 2 forums are just a stop in what appears to be growing enterprise of hacking into various gaming web sites.

When it comes to password security there are many out there that use a general password for most of their accounts. This is where it can get a little nerve-racking, especially if you do not know your information has been hacked. So here is what you need to do right this instant:

  • Change your password on Valve’s Dota 2 forum site AND the email address associated with the account.
  • Create a password list of different types and use that list to change the passwords of your various accounts.
  • Make sure that your list of passwords are made up of random letters, numbers, punctuation marks, capital letters, and phrases that aren’t easily identifiable.

If you need more help in creating passwords, the ConnectSafely website is a great resource on how to create passwords that are effective in stopping the unscrupulous from hacking your information.

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