TnC Pro Players Abandon Organization

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: TnC Pro)

In a Facebook post by TnC Pro earlier today, it was announced that the entire Dota 2 roster that had just finished 7th/8th in The International 6 has abandoned the organization:

"In the past few days, DOTA 2 community, especially the SEA region was shocked to learn that all TNC Pro Team players have decided to leave the team without announcing any reason to the public. Most of the fans were intrigued by this move in spite of their achievement in recent TI6 competition. After being silent for quite some time now, we have finally decided to release an official statement to end all the speculations."

It seems that the players from TnC, similar to many others, are trying to parlay their recent finish at TI6 into more opportunities in terms of exploring signing with other teams for better contracts and salary.

The release goes on to say that there were zero problems in terms of breaking up the $519,262 between the organization and the players and in fact, some of the players were taking their winnings and, "...will be investing part of their winnings in a business related to their profession and prove to many that they could build a better future by playing DOTA."

There doesn't appear to be any animosity between the players and TnC Pro as the tone of the release seemed to show genuine caring and support for the now former players stating, "We, in the management however will help them ensure their success to whatever path they chose to begin, and set them as an example to all aspiring professional Dota players."

This is simply another stop on the long road of "rostermania" and it will not be the last as players and organizations fight to land the best teams and players.

TnC will now begin the search in earnest to fill out their roster.