Red Bull Heroicks Dota 2 Tournament Cancelled Due to Lack of Teams

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: Red Bull)

What's the saying about counting your chickens before they hatch? In a web site press release on Saturday, Red Bull Heroicks announced that they are cancelling their Dota 2 tournament that was set to take place in Germany from September 17-18, citing a lack of signed teams for the event.

On June 10, RBH publicized that, "Red Bull is bringing together some of the top international squads and Dota personalities – as well as 5,000 fans – for a tournament in the grounds of the Schloss Rastatt palace in Rastatt (updated), Germany." The tournament would consist of five top level teams that would be using a new tournament format called the Life System where, "Each team starts out with a stock of three lives; for each loss, one is removed. After every match, the winning team will then select the next two sides to face each other. The winning team and Red Bull Heroicks champions will be the last team left standing with one life or more."

On top of the Life System model, RBH wanted to use what they referred to as a Hero Challenge which allowed audience participation. With the Hero Challenge, before the pick and ban phase of each game, the stream casters would present two heroes that would come up for an audience vote and the hero with the most votes could not be banned by either team.

This new system didn't seem to draw the attention RBH thought it would as they were only able to secure OG and Alliance. Being short the three quality teams they needed in order to run the event, the event was cancelled and has been postponed at a date yet to be determined.

In an already over saturated esports tournament market, cancellations and postponements will become more frequent as more companies attempt to cash in without proper planning. Companies names and reputations will become sullied and they will play themselves out of any market share they thought possible.