GG Fear. One of the All-Time Greats Announces His Retirement

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: Evil Geniuses)

Clinton, “Fear” Loomis, one of the greatest players in Dota 2 history has put away his mouse and announced his retirement due to health reasons. He will stay on as their coach for 2017.

One of the best carries in the game, he and Evil Geniuses have reveled in the successes they have had together. EG and fear reached the pinnacle of Dota 2 elite when they won The International in 2015. Fear and SumaiL were absolutely feared by teams as he teamed up with SumaiL racking up kills and Fear farming for all the gold.

Fear was a founding member of the current iteration of this Evil Geniuses squad and together have won $11,860,797 in tournament prize money.

According to their press release, Fear’s ability to compete at the highest level has been hindered by a series of injuries. In 2014, he had to take roughly six weeks off due to ligament damage in his elbow requiring physical therapy, “Citing health reasons, Fear has chosen to transition out of the demanding lifestyle required of a professional gamer.”

Fear himself made a statement in the release:

“Fear has chosen to transition out of the demanding lifestyle required of a professional gamer. We are thrilled to announce, however, that Clinton will remain a part of the EG family as the brand's Dota 2 coach in order to ensure the continued success of the team, with the new roster slated to be announced tomorrow.”

His former teammates in a classy move showed Fear reverence and respect as they made statement regarding the retirement:

“Clinton is a winner. Clinton has EG Blood. I expect nothing different from him in his new role.”


Former Dota 2 Team Manager

“Fear is a great teammate and competitor. He was the reason I was able to enter the competitive scene and instilled the work ethic I carry with me today.”


EG Dota 2 Player

“Fear is hands down the best Dota player I've ever had the privilege to play with. Whenever people would ask about our team's dynamic, I always described him as the co-captain. I could always count on Clinton to make a collected, yet decisive decision. He always had my back and I knew I could count on him when I was lost. Fear helped me reach my potential, and I believe he will continue to do that for players in years to come. Best of luck Fear, and thank you for everything you have done for me and this team.”


EG Dota 2 Player

And in a poignant statement by SumaiL reminiscent of the last scene in the M*A*S*H series, he tweeted:

 Fear will go down as one the best in the game and if his work ethic and ability to remain calm under pressure had anything to do with that, he’ll make a fine coach. Bravo Fear, GG.