New DOTA 2 Patch Adds New Character, Features, Live Now

by Robert Workman


Valve detailed a pretty big patch that’s coming soon for its hit PC game DOTA 2, including adding a new character that a lot of fans should get into.

Launching today, The New Journey has been detailed here on the game’s official page, with the introduction of a new hero by the name of The Monkey King. A folklore legend, this warrior promises to turn the tide in any battle, and also comes with Arcada, new terrain, an announcer pack and two additional Monkey King comics.

That’s just the beginning of what’s been added to the game, though. A new heads-up display (HUD) has been introduced, letting you take control of an in-game interface that allows you to see more of the world, so you can track down enemies and objectives much easier than before. With increased visibility and increased options, your gaming universe just opened up greatly here.

A new pre-game has also been added, with various tools that will help you craft your plan of attack, so you can coordinate strategies and work your way to victory with a pick phase and strategy phase. The game is also getting new gameplay updates with the patch as well, including new talent trees and map changes that will help players improve their efforts. Better still, the game continues to load while you plan these strategies, so you can hop right into the action.

There’s so much more as well, including community-authored bots that allow for stronger customization within the game; redesigned models of popular Heroes like Slardar, Viper and Enigma; and improvements to the Showcase View so you can appreciate each of the environments.

The company’s official blog page has plenty of details that break down the new character and other additions more thoroughly, but needless to say, DOTA 2 fans have a lot of stuff to get them through the holidays.

DOTA 2 is available now for PC.

UPDATE: The patch is now live, so feel free to download and enjoy all these great delights!

By Robert Workman

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