Report: F.C. Copenhagen Looks to Join World of Esports

by Steven Cropley


The Danish football club F.C. Copenhagen will be joining the ranks of sports teams seeking a seat at the esports table according to a report by

According to the report, the club will seek to acquire a CS:GO, Dota 2, and FIFA team. Interestingly enough, an entirely Danish Counter-Strike squad just parted ways with an organization by the name of dignitas just yesterday. The team which is ranked No. 3 in our WWG CSGO Team Rankings was apparently made quite the offer to leave its 76’rs backed organization. Although it is only speculation, the timing could not be more perfect to fuel the flames.

The report states that the organization will be investing the equivalent of several hundred thousand dollars annually into its new venture.

It was not confirmed but Anders Hørsholt, clubsParken Sport og Entertainment A/S director did express the club's interest in esports. “"We are following the course of developments in esports as other major football clubs are," he said "It is an exciting area, one F.C. Copenhagen want to be part of in the future. But if and when that happens, only time will tell."

The club would be joining the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco as European football clubs jumping into the world of esports.