Richard Lewis: PEA Denied License to Use Any Blizzard Title for Esports

by Kevin Hitt

According to Richard Lewis, popular esports caster with TBS’s ELEAGUE and journalist consistently disseminated his stories through his YouTube channel, he has come forward saying that sources have told him that Blizzard has denied the Professional Esports Association a license to use any of their titles for events in the foreseeable future.

Blizzard has a trio of titles that have decent followings in esports including Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm that the PEA was hoping to secure in order to run events or a league in light of the recent vote by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to remove themselves from the PEA.

With the most popular games off the table for the PEA, the organization will perhaps look to an aggregate of smaller titles such as in fighting games in order to get off the ground. The other direction the PEA may be looking is to Dota 2 which has a very small North American presence, but might be looking to build from ground up.

WWG has reached out to both Blizzard and PEA for comment.

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