Digital Chaos are the ESL One Genting 2017 Dota 2 Champions

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: ESL)

The Runner-up of The International 2016 and winners of $3.4 million dollars has started off 2017 with a win. North America’s Digitas Chaos is the winner of ESL One Genting 2017 and did it in impressive fashion.

To start the tournament, Digital Chaos was placed in Group B with Execration, WarriorsGaming.Unity, and the team that beat them at the International 2016, Wings Gaming. DC handed Execration a loss in the first round of group play behind the play of both w33 and Resolut1on who went a combined 16/0/27 KDA.

Afterwards in the winner’s match, which would advance the victor to the playoffs, DC and WG played in the most anticipated match of the day. WG came out in Game 1, throwing down the gauntlet in a brutal 44-18 beat down that saw three players on DC go without a single kill. WG’s bLink was the star of the first game with his 14/5/23 KDA playing Shadow Fiend in the mid-lane. Games 2 and 3 would be completely different as DC would turn the tables.

Game 2 saw a 57-minute, back and forth affair with w33 going 17/8/17 on Mirana fo DC and bLink going 13/7/17 on Ursa. The last team fight of the match was what sealed WG’s doom as DC killed four of the 5 WG players with MoonMeander’s Legion Commander almost tripling the damage of any other player doing 6,896 in their 47-46 win.

Game 3 saw DC take the reigns and there was no looking back as the North American squad would win 42-14, securing themselves a spot in the playoffs.

(*) DC beat 2-0 in the semifinals advancing to play Dota 2 Chinese powerhouse Newbee.

In a five-game match lasting over five hours and taking both teams to the edge of exhaustion, DC and Newbee battled until there was a winner.

Game 1 was a Newbee rout by a score of 32-9 that saw Sccc dominate the map, going 16/0/8 playing Outworld Devourer. The 26,630 in damage output by Sccc was due in large part to his Arcane Orb. Sccc was a menace to both Resolut1on and Moonmeander getting four kills each against them while earning three assists. All this was done without dying a single time.

DC would even up the series in Game 2 by a score of 28-26, competing with great team play balance while NewBee would once again rely on Sccc to carry the day. Newbee would end up a combined 26/28/62 giving them a -2 K/D, which is the reciprocal of the +2 K/D DC put up with their 28/26/65.

Game 3 saw Newbee pace furiously across the map hitting DC before they knew what happened. Resolut1on had a mere two kills for his team as Juggernaut which led the team. Sccc played Shadow Fiend to a 10/0/3 and appeared to not need any help as he took down multiple DC players. The 19-6 Newbee put the Chinese team up 2-1.

While Game 3 lasted a mere 29 minutes and 54 seconds, in Game 4 DC bettered that time. In 29 minutes and 10 seconds, DC obliterated Newbee 17-7 with Resolt1on on Slark. The slimy hero would go 9/0/2 leading all players in kills, gpm, and damage dealt.

The difference between winning and losing this final Game 5 was $75,000 in pay and an ESL One championship. DC would draw first blood at the 4:17 mark with a Luna kill by Centaur Warrior, but the Ogre Magi would return the favor with a kill on Mirana two minutes later. This would be the last time the two would trade kills as DC sprinted out to a 31-11 on the back of Resolut1on's Lifestealer, who had a 12/0/8.

With the Game 5 win, DC would get the hard fought 3-2 win, a check for $125,000, and the ESL One Genting 2017 Championship.

* Statistics were not available for the match between Digital Chaos and at time of publication.