Masters Qualifier Round One Provides Surprises

by Steven Cropley

The first round of the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas European Qualifier is complete and with it came several surprises.

The top four teams at this event will receive travel and accommodation in addition to their qualification. The DreamHack Masters Las Vegas event features eight invited teams and eight qualifying teams. No. 20 TyLoo is the only team to have come out of a qualifier thus far while four teams will come from the EU qualifier, and three from the North American.

Eight of the teams competing in the first round of the closed qualifier are member of the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, however, only six of the eight moved forward.

One unexpected result was the Danish squad, Heroic, the No. 16 team in the world falling to a recently unimpressive Flipsid3 Tactics. Heroic had come away with much better results throughout 2016 while Flipsid3 seemed to only be moving downward. This will be a disappointing exit for the Danes.

While Flipsid3 Tactics taking down Heroic was surprising, it was nowhere near as surprising as No. 10 GODSENT's loss to PRIDE.

After the fnatic and GODSENT shuffle, neither team had seemed to gain much ground over the following months. It was not until the end of 2016 that GODSENT began to meet its upswing, only to fall out of a qualifier to a relatively unknown team. Failing to qualify only puts more pressure on the team to perform at the ELEAGUE Major, or it may be time to hang it up.

First round results:

  • No. 6 FaZe > EPG (2:0)
  • Flipsid3 > No. 16 Heroic (2:1)
  • No. 18 Gambit > Norse (2:0)
  • PRIDE > No. 10 GODSENT (2:1)
  • No. 11 mousesports > BIG (2:1)
  • No. 15 HellRaisers > Tricked (2:1)
  • No. 19 fnatic > Japaleno (2:0)
  • No. 12 G2 > DarkPassage (2:1)

Round two matches:

  • No. 6 FaZe Clan vs. Flipsid3
  • No. 18 Gambit vs. PRIDE
  • No. 11 mousesports vs. No. 15 HellRaisers
  • No. 19 vs. No. 12 G2

Can PRIDE upset again or will Gambit end the dream?