Video: G2 Esports, a Year in Review

by Steven Cropley

G2 Esports opened up 2017 with a look back at some of its greatest moments of 2016 in its YouTube video titled G2's best moments of 2016. 

The video encompasses all of G2's teams across different titles.

Unlike many other organizations 2016 reflection videos, G2 showed no in-game footage but focused on live event footage, winning moments, and celebration.

To go along with the video, let's take a look back at G2's accomplishments in 2016, in the realm of Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Hearthstone.

The CS:GO team had an up and down year but managed some noteworthy placements, landing them a spot as the No. 12 team in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings. The pinnacle of the year for the Counter-Strike team was it's first place finish in the ECS season one finals, getting it's only championship of the year. Other notable accomplishments include second place finishes at Northern Arena Montreal, SL i-League StarSeries season two finals, and the ESL Pro League season three finals.

The League of Legends division took home first place in both European splits in the LCS, adding a top finish in the playoffs for both as well. Starting off 2017 the team brought on Weldon Green as an assistant coach to continue to help the team as it has struggled to find success in international competitions. As a Sports Psychologist, Weldon is known to help with overcoming the infamous "choke" that G2 has seemingly suffered when facing foreign opponents.

Hearthstone is the star of the year for G2. The Hearthstone roster took home first in six competitions in 2016. The best part? They competed in six competitions in 2016. Three G2 players won two events apiece, showing strength across the entire roster.

Overall, G2 had a solid year across its three biggest games, however, a slump at the end of the year in CS:GO and a failure to impress in the international scene in League of Legends will leave G2 with more to prove in 2017.