WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show - January 9th, 2016

by Kevin Knocke

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The CS:GO offseason is officially over. Hope it was enjoyable.

In this week's WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show, Kevin Knocke and Steven Cropley take you through previews of all the biggest teams and events coming up.

First this week, #20 TyLoo's time may be coming to an end. It's being reported that they have cut three of their players and suspended one indefinitely through his contract end in 2019. The players on #20 TyLoo were reported to be looking for different teams to compete with, potentially even forming a super team of the top Chinese players.

Team members AttackeR and fancy1 and coach Karsa had their contracts due to expire in a month, so their punishments were being cut from the team, while player somebody was benched indefinitely. With his contract not set to expire for a few years, it's unclear what his future will be with the organization.

Also, eight of the ranked teams from the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings are competing at the Dreamhack Las Vegas closed qualifiers: #6 FaZe Clan, #10 GODSENT, #11 Mousesports, #12 G2 Esports, #15 Hellraisers, #16 Heroic, #18 Gambit, and #19 Fnatic.

The matchup between #19 Fnatic and #12 G2 is especially interesting as only one will advance from that match to Dreamhack, but yet the two teams match up in the first round of the ELEAGUE Major. So will one team come out guns blazing and reveal their top tier strategies, or will they wait for the major when more money is on the line?

From the time the show was shot to the time of this article publishing, however, #10 GODSENT has already lost 1-2 to Pride. While similarly they may have been holding strategies for the Major, losing to unranked Pride will significantly affect GODSENT's performance in next week's rankings.

Finally, the crew evaluated the teams that have qualified for next month's Major after last week's Legend status team review.

#3 NORTH in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings looks very strong right now, and with their stressful contract drama behind them and now firmly planted in their home country under FC Copenhagen's banner, they are a strong pick to win the entire event. In fact, an all Danish finals between #3 NORTH and #1 Astralis seems like a good possibility given how strong they've been performing lately.

Neither Cropley nor Knocke can quite figure out #5 EnVyUs. Both feel that this team is not positioned well to capture Legend status, but yet players like KennyS have been steadily improving lately and with how much parity there is in CS:GO at the moment, maybe this is the time for them to win a Major again.