CSGO Video: 10 Must-Know Pop Flashes for Dust2

by Steven Cropley

Pop flashes are some of the most important tricks of the trade when it comes to playing Counter-Strike. Being able to catch your enemy off guard with a flashbang that will blind them and open them up for an easy kill is paramount in a game where every advantage counts and this is a big one.

YouTube content creator TrilluXe has produced a video with 10 Must-Know Self Pop Flashes on Dust2. The video gives you a double view, allowing you to see how to throw the flash as well as the viewpoint of the player being blinded.

TrilluXe says these are, "pop flashes you simply need to know when playing de_dust2," he goes on to describe the benefits of pop flashes, "These can improve your game significantly and will help you get some easier picks on enemies and also help you get out of situations when you are trapped in a corner."

The pop flashes shown on the video cover various areas of the map such as the catwalk, A-site, B-site, and long A. Think you have seen some of them before? Probably because top teams are known to use pop flashes for themselves and teammates all the time. Even those in our WWG CSGO Team Rankings like fighting blinded enemies. 

Did you learn something from this video or know a pop flash not mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!