ELEAGUE Major Stickers Inbound

by Steven Cropley

NaVi Sticker
(Photo: Na'Vi)

The next Major is around the corner and that means new stickers! According to Will "RUSH" Wierzba, those stickers will be coming tonight.

The in-game stickers are included in Valve sponsored CS:GO Majors and include both player and team stickers. The players and teams receive a portion of the profit from stickers, and each organization splits it up different with its members.

This go around, fans will have a chance at getting the signatures of logos of the following 16 teams, 15 of which are in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings:

No. 2 SK Gaming No. 21 Team Liquid
No. 19 fnatic No. 9 Virtus.pro 
No. 1 Astralis Flipsid3 Tactics
No. 18 Gambit Esports No. 14 Natus Vincere
No. 6 FaZe Clan No. 10 GODSENT
No. 11 mousesports No. 4 OpTic Gaming
No. 3 North No. 12 G2 Esports
No. 15 HellRaisers No. 5 Team EnVyUs


According to the Counter-Strike wikkia, "A sticker from the player's inventory can be applied only once to any gun owned, after which it will be removed from the player's inventory and only exist on the weapon it was placed onto. A maximum of 4 stickers can be applied to the majority of weapons, excluding the G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver, which can have a total of 5 stickers."

Also on the wikkia is a breakdown of the various ways you can obtain stickers, including:

  • Opening a Sticker Capsule
    • Regular and community sticker capsules are dropped during gameplay and require a purchased (or traded) capsule key to be opened
    • Tournament sticker capsules are purchased from the in-game store and do not require a capsule key to be opened
    • Souvenir stickers are special stickers only found on Souvenir weapons, unobtainable in any other way
  • Purchased from the in-game store after receiving a special coupon offer in the player's inventory.
  • Trading with other players or from the Steam Market

The stickers in CS:GO also come in different forms, like trading card packs. These varients include:

  • the weapons finish underneath
  • Paper-backed glossy stickers - Standard shiny sticker with solid backing. Scraping these will reveal the paper backing until completely removed
  • Color-replace pattern graphics or graffiti tags - A simple mask texture pattern sticker using up to 4 colors
  • Holographic stickers (Holo rarity) - A Standard paper-backed sticker with extra texture layers to create a holographic like effect. Different areas of the same sticker can use different patterns for holographic reflection.
  • Embossed foil or metal leaf stickers (Foil rarity) - A Standard sticker with an extra normal map to appear embossed and mimic a metallic appearance. A gold tinted version can also be found on certain souvenir weapons. Originally, the ESL One 2014 Souvenir Package had gold foil tournament stickers. As of the DreamHack 2014 Souvenir Package, however, the tournament sticker remains just foil, while the team stickers are gold foil.

Different rarities are also available as signified by the color of the name:

  • Blue (High Grade)
  • Purple (Remarkable/Holo)
  • Pink (Exotic/Foil)
    • Gold (Souvenir Foil)
  • Gold (Contraband)

Souvenir weapon skins have exclusive stickers which are unable to be received in any other form.

Which team and player signature do you want the most?