WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show - ELEAGUE Major Preview

by Kevin Knocke

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The CS:GO offseason is over!

Kevin Hitt, Steven Cropley, and Kevin Knocke are back with the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show for January 17th, 2017. In the past week, the WESG debacle turned tournament happened, Dreamhack held the EU qualifiers for their Las Vegas Masters Event, and Dreamhack Leipzig played out over the weekend.

#3 Team EnVyUs ended up taking the biggest single prize in CS:GO history by winning $800,000 during China's WESG Finals, taking out #23 Team Kinguin. This was just after Kinguin's surprising upset of #8 Virtus.pro in the semifinals, but as Twitch viewer The_Dycer points out, Kinguin frequently scrims with VP and this could be a unique circumstance of the one team on Earth that understands VP's strategies in and out.

It's unlikely that VP specifically plans to hold strategies from Kinguin in scrimmages as these two teams hardly ever match up in major events. But luck would have it that VP would of course match up against Kinguin in the richest prize pool tournament in CS:GO history, just one that wasn't very competitive or viewed.

Hitt also speculates that VP basically saw this event as an easy way to practice on LAN against reasonable teams but knew they would pocket a lot of money so decided to attend anyway.

On the Dreamhack side, their Leipzig event finished up recently, handing out $100,000 to the eight teams there, only two of which are on the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings top 25: #16 Heroic and #22 Flipsid3 Tactics. Flipsid3 won the tournament easily with a 2-0 victory over new German team BIG in the finals.

Cropley thought it was a good first look at BIG, and that this roster will obviously improve with time once they've had more than 2 weeks together as a team, but speculates that there is a definite ceiling to this roster given a few players that are probably past their peak.

All three of our hosts largely think these events have just been teams warming up for the ELEAGUE Major in just a few days.

Everyone gave their early predictions to win the event as well: Knocke took the popular pick with #1 Astralis in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings, Hitt sided with #8 VP, and Cropley, forced to make a prediction on a literal countdown timer, went with #14 Natus Vincere, a team that has yet to live up to expectations.

Join the crew next week as they dive into the opening rounds of the ELEAGUE Major!