LDLC CSGO Joins ESL pro League, Heroic Holds on Through Relegation

by Steven Cropley

(Photo: G2 Esports)

LDLC will compete in the ESL Pro League in season 24 with its win over PENTA esports who head down to the premier division. The relegation matches give the top teams in premier a shot at playing the bottom teams in ESL Pro League at the end of the season, the winner plays in the Pro League while the loser is relegated down to Premier. On the European side of things, it was a one for one trade as LDLC moved in and the No. 16 team in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, Heroic, held on to its spot with a victory over Rogue.

LDLC and PENTA would make it one worth watching with an 8-7 halftime score on every map of the series. Coming into the series with a 16-11 win on map one, PENTA looked poised to hold on to its spot in the top tier. LDLC had different plans, though, coming back on map two with a 16-12 win once again keeping it close. The final map would be the legendary Dust2 and would provide the closest match of the three. The match would slip out of the fingers of PENTA as LDLC pulled off the last few rounds to take the map 16-14 and move to the ESL Pro League. PENTA's Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný ended the game with a +23 kill-to-death ratio, the highest in the server after three maps by 10 or more, but unfortunately, it was not enough.

Once again the losing team would take map one as Rogue opened up its series against Heroic with a narrow 16-14 victory. Heroic would, of course, return the favor on map two where it came back from a three deficit at the half, only giving up two rounds on its CT side on the way to a 16-11 win. Map three would be a stat padding blow out as Heroic completely shut down Rogue, taking the map 16-1 and sending Rogue back to Premier. Every Heroic played finished the series with a positive kill-to-death ratio thanks in part to that dominating map three performance.

ESL Pro League European division team list:

No. 1 Astralis No. 6 FaZe
No. 3 Team EnVyUs No. 21 fnatic
No. 11 G2 Esports No. 15 HellRaisers
No. 10 mousesports No. 14 Natus Vincere
No. 6 Ninjas in Pyjamas No. 5 North (dignitas)
No. 8 Virtus.pro No. 23 Kinguin
Unranked LDLC No. 16 Heroic