Opinion: CS:GO Has More Parity Than Ever

by Kevin Knocke

The ELEAGUE Major gets better with every match.

As of this writing, No. 6 North in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings is now 0-2 and has to run the table (sorry Packers fans) just to make the playoffs of the Major. This is a team that was just signed by a major soccer team, FC Copenhagen, and was considered one of the best teams in the world.

But right now, it's just not coming together for them.

And one of those losses comes against No. 21 Fnatic, a team with a notably bad run in the CS:GO world lately. That occurred just after North was taken out in the opening round by No. 17 Gambit Gaming.

Now what about No. 14 Natus Vincere? This is a team that on paper should be capable of dominating the CS:GO world that never showed even a glimmer of this hope during their run through the latter part of 2016. Yet they now stand 2-0 after dominating victories against No. 10 mousesports and No. 3 Team EnVyUs.

So Fnatic and Na'Vi are winning again, and Danish teams are losing? It's almost as crazy as the storylines at the end of last year.

Some had speculated that the break would empower the big organizations that have historically dominated CS:GO. There seems to be some evidence for that. Fnatic has won a game, Na'Vi is 2-0, SK is 2-0, No. 7 Virtus.pro is winning...

But yet there's plenty of other teams making moves, too.

Take for example No. 12 GODSENT in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings. This is a team that, coming in to the major, was known to be splitting apart. Players were going to return to Fnatic and from some accounts, the practice wasn't quite up to par.

Godsent then defeated No. 1 Astralis convincingly in the opening round, 16-6 on Train with Lekr0 playing out of his mind the entire match.

So what happens if Fnatic doesn't earn Legend status and GODSENT does? Do the players wanting to return to Fnatic  stay with GODSENT because of the guaranteed slot?

The storylines are already amazing and the parity is better than ever. CS:GO teams are getting very close in overall skill and resources at their disposal, so expect this trend to continue through all of 2017.

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