ELEAGUE Major: No. 21 fnatic Make Semifinal over No. 17 Gambit

by Steven Cropley

fnatic EL
(Photo: ELEAGUE)

Quarterfinal two matched up the No. 17 and 21 teams in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings as the surprise teams of fnatic and Gambit did battle.

Map one was Cache and started out with a flurry of rounds going in both directions. After an early on 3-2 score thanks to the teams trading rounds, fnatic would make a run of four rounds to be up 7-2 with Gambit on the save. The rampage would not stop there, winning round after round before soon enough the Swedish side led 10-2. Gambit would finally grab its third round but even if the team won out, it would be down substantially at the half. The CIS team would do just that, going into the second half down 5-10 but with the momentum in its favor. Gambit would roll through the pistol round but fnatic would get carried to a force buy win by Dennis "dennis" Edman who picked up three deagle kills. Putting Gambit back on pistols, fnatic would keep charging forward with the wind at its back to a 15-6 lead before Gambit would manage a seventh. That would be all the team managed, however, and fnatic would take map one 16-7.

Overpass was up next and Gambit's pick. Winning the pistol round, Gambit would withstand the force buy and take the second as well. Gambit would hold strong through the first gun round, taking a 4-0 lead. After giving up the following save round, fnatic would grab round six, getting on the board to make it 5-1. Gambit would bounce back, resetting the economy of the legendary Swedish organization. Gambit's domination would not be stopped until round 11 when Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko fell just short of winning it for his team. The momentum shift would not form, however, as Gambit got right back to work, winning all but one of the remaining rounds in the half for a 10 round lead. fnatic would drop the second half pistol again, resulting in a force buy that Gambit would once again fend off. Gambit would be relentless on its way to a 16-3 win over fnatic on map two, forcing the third.

The next map, Dust2, would be the decider. fnatic looked reset after its brutal loss on map two as the team came out swinging to a 5-0 lead, forcing Gambit's hand to use a tactical pause. Although the start of the round looked promising, it would not play out in Gambit's favor as fnatic got its sixth round in a row. The CIS team attempted a force buy around a saved AWP and although  Abay "HObbit" Khasenov picked up a few kills, it would be for naught as fnatic moved to 7-0. Finally, at 8-0, Gambit would get on the scoreboard. Gambit would follow it up with two more rounds before fnatic moved to nine rounds. Gambit would not lose composure, grabbing the next three for a 9-6 half. H0bbit picked up a fast three kill spray down to save the round for Gambit in the final round of the half. The second half pistol would end with fnatic reaching double digits now on the counter-terrorist side. The Swedish side would turn the following two rounds into wins, doubling the score of Gambit at 12-6. The run would not stop there, fnatic would hit 14 before one went the way of Gambit. fnatic would bounce back and hit match point the following round, however.