League of Legends Match of the Day: 1/29/17

by James Bates

(Photo: Riot Games)

The final day of the NA LCS may not live up to the hype of Saturday's lineup, but it's still no light hitter, as two of the oldest teams in the organization face off at the end of a day that's full of close matchups. If Counter Logic Gaming wants to start turning their season around, taking down CLoud9, the current best team in the league, is a good place to start.

Sunday opens with two matchups that are too close to call. On the main stage, Phoenix1 will take on a struggling Team Liquid in hopes of keeping their hot streak alive against the first strong team they've faced this split. Over in the theater, Echo Fox will be taking on FlyQuest in a match that will test their already shaky coordination harder than any they've faced thus far. Whether it will be FlyQuest's decisiveness of Echo Fox's explosiveness that carries the day is the biggest question of the day, as Echo Fox has demonstrated excellent early game prowess that belies their currently awful record.

The day's second round is where the true heavy-hitters start to come out, however. The main stage will feature Team EnVy's struggle to find their first win of the split against an equally struggling Immortals in a battle that's sure to feature some of the most explosive top lane matchups we're likely to see all split, as both Seraph and Flame strongly favor the carries top laners that are, for the most part, out of flavor at the moment. Over on the second stream, Cloud9 takes on Counter Logic Gaming in an attempt to secure a perfect record during the first two weeks, a feat which should be easy considering CLG's recent weaknesses.

Which matches are worth tuning into? Which ones are a waste of your precious, precious bandwidth? We talked to WWG's League of Legends staff about what games they were looking into in order to get you the inside scoop.

Matt Best, Lead On-air Host - Not Applicable

 - N/A, Matt is unreachable once the Hockey starts.

James Bates, League of Legends Staff Writer - Echo Fox vs. FlyQuest

 - "Echo Fox are a team that I've started to enjoy watching with a morbid kind of fascination. Their early game is amongst the best we've ever seen in the NA LCS, but after 20 minutes the entire team seems to just walk away from the keyboard and lose no matter how far ahead they get. That trend finally seemed to reverse today when they managed to take down Dignitas in a decisive fashion. This matchup should be a good test for FlyQuest, who will need to endure Echo Fox's crazy early game if they wish to stand tall with Cloud9 at the top of the standings."

By James Bates

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